The Lincolnshire Flower Co

Last Sunday we headed out to Aubourn to the Lincolnshire Flower Co Gardens for their first PYO flowers event 

Harriet made my wedding bouquet for me a couple of years ago and I have been obsessed with her flowers ever since - they are BRIGHT, BOLD & BEAUTIFUL! As soon as I saw the event advertised I went online and booked a place with a £6 deposit 

Aubourn is a lovely countryside village around 10 minutes from Waddington & Witham St Hughes, Lincoln. St Barnabas were also hosting an event at Aubourn Hall Gardens so the parking was really well organised.

Upon arrival at the farm we were greeted by Harriet & her families big smiles, you could see how pleased that were to see their gardens making so many people so happy. There were 3 sized vessels to choose from, we opted for 2 Jam Jars and a £20 small bucket - which were amazing value for money! 

We were handed our buckets, pruning shears and headed off to get lost in the garden for a morning of bliss & daydreams. The gardens reminded me of visiting Beatrix Potters house in Windermere as a child, so I was so excited and flooded with happiness and could not wait to choose my bouquets.

There were rows of beautiful flowers to choose from; pastel coloured Sweet Peas in the greenhouse, hot pink Foxgloves in the garden, giant Thistles, multicoloured Larkspur and many many other gorgeous blooms.

We will be back very soon for more flowers as I couldn't think of a nicer place to take our mini Wild Ones on a nice sunny Sunday morning - and Harriet said the Cosmos will be ready in a few weeks - YAY!!! 


For more info head over to their website and book your place to their next event and be sure to check our their insta page - it is beyond beautiful 

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