Sustainable Stars: Our Remarkable Journey in British Vogue

Sustainable Stars: Our Remarkable Journey in British Vogue

In our latest milestone, we are elated to announce our second appearance in the prestigious pages of British Vogue, and what an amazing edition it has turned out to be!

This month's issue showcases five Sustainability Trailblazers, gracing three covers. Among them are the renowned actor and environmental advocate, Emma Watson, the model and Vogue’s contributing sustainability editor, Amber Valletta, and a trio of incredible designers—Priya Ahluwalia, Tolu Coker, and Torishéju Dumi. Together, they embody a powerful narrative of sustainability that goes beyond the conventional, emphasising its normalcy and inspiration in the realm of fashion and advocacy.

Emma Watsons life of fame and influence has seamlessly intertwined with her unwavering commitment to environmental causes. Her advocacy has not only shone a spotlight on critical issues but has also served as a catalyst for positive change. Watson's presence in this issue symbolises the alignment of star power with a profound dedication to sustainability, demonstrating that influential figures can leverage their platforms for a greener, more sustainable future.

Amber Valletta, both a model and Vogue’s contributing sustainability editor, takes us on a journey through her decades-long experience. From being a "voice in the wilderness" to evolving into an industry thought leader, Valletta's insightful writings reflect the transformative power of sustained commitment. Her narrative inspires us to consider the profound impact each individual can have on the collective consciousness, illustrating that sustainability is not just a trend but a lifelong journey of growth and awareness.

The issue also features a trio of remarkable designers—Priya Ahluwalia, Tolu Coker, and Torishéju Dumi. Their work exemplifies how being environmentally conscious in the fashion industry can be both normalised and inspirational. By seamlessly integrating sustainability into their designs, these emerging talents redefine norms, proving that eco-friendly practices are not merely a niche but a fundamental aspect of contemporary fashion.

Featuring in this edition fills us with immense pride, as sustainability is at the core of our brand. The recognition in British Vogue holds significant value for us. We are thrilled to be part of the edition, working towards a future where sustainability is not just an exception but the norm.

After our second feature in British Vogue, we're experiencing more pinch-me moments, recognising the profound influence of sustainability advocates in shaping our collective narrative. Proud to be part of this movement where sustainability is not just celebrated, but normalised—a crucial step toward a more conscientious future.


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