Wild One Jewellerys Vogue Debut

Wild One Jewellerys Vogue Debut

Excitement is in the air at Wild One HQ as we can now official say "Wild One Jewellery - as seen in the pages of British Vogue".

We are so stoked to share that our small handmade jewellery business has found a place in the esteemed pages of British Vogue. It's an unbelievably exciting experience for us to be featured in the upcoming issues over the next three months.

In the December issue, adorned with six covers featuring iconic figures like Stormzy and Kate Moss, our jewellery will be quietly nestled among the stars. It's genuinely touching for us to be part of such an influential publication.

As the December issue hits the shelves, we eagerly await the response from readers. It's a very exciting moment for us, and we genuinely hope our handmade designs are enjoyed by Vogue's readers. Looking ahead, the anticipation grows for the next two publications. We are hopeful that our jewellery will find a place in the hearts of those who appreciate the craft and passion behind Wild One Jewellery.

In the upcoming three months, keep an eye out for our designs gracing the glossy pages of Vogue. This spot in one of the world's most influential fashion publications is an absolute dream come true! 

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