Eco-friendly Packaging

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle ♻️

At Wild One Jewellery all of our packaging is either recycled, recyclable and reusable. All of our supplies are sourced within the UK to reduce Wild One's carbon footprint and recycled metal is incorporated into my pieces.
We took a long time thinking about the brand and packaging before the launch, it is important to us that we do our bit to try to help the environment & cut out any unnecessary plastics. We have cut out as much single use plastic as possible from our packaging, no nasty foam inserts, no plastic boxes, no icky cello-tape, no polystyrene padding or bubble wrap here.  
🌿 Our cotton jewellery pouches can be reused as storage for your items when travelling or you could even fill them with dried flowers and use them to scent your drawers
🌿Our tissue paper is acid free, made from recycled materials & reusable as gift wrap
🌿The Wild One Jewellery thank you cards are made from recycled materials
🌿The cardboard parcel boxes & shredded paper packing are recyclable
🌿Our stickers are eco friendly & recyclable   
🌿Our Gift Boxes are biodegradable, if you add a personalised message at checkout we use seeded paper, this can then be planted in your gift box to plant your own Wild One Mini Meadow. Or you could use your gift box to store your new treasures 
🌿Each order comes with a complementary polishing cloth to keep your treasures looking beautiful

Eliminating waste, protecting the environment - let's keep our World beautiful