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Belcher Chain | Karma

Belcher Chain | Karma

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  • One Individual Necklace
  • 925 Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)
  • Karma Hoop
  • Textured One Side / Polished One Side
  • 16 inch 1.7mm Belcher Chain

Introducing our enchanting 'Karma' necklace, a piece that embodies the cyclical beauty of life and the duality of existence.  It invites you to reflect on the balance of life's highs and lows, a reminder that every twist and turn in our journey contributes to our unique story.

What sets this charm apart is its dual nature – one side textured, reminiscent of life's complexities and challenges, and the other side smooth, embodying moments of simplicity and serenity. This design choice allows you to choose your daily narrative, wearing the side that resonates with your mood or intention.

Embrace the duality of life, choose your narrative, and make a statement with the 'Karma' necklace—a symbol of timeless elegance and thoughtful design. With this versatile accessory, you can express your individuality and celebrate the ever-turning wheel of destiny with every wear.

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