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Belcher Chain | Trio

Belcher Chain | Trio

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  • One Individual Necklace
  • 925 Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)
  • 10mm, 15mm & 20mm Hoops
  • 16 inch 1.7mm Belcher Chain

The three hoops of our 'Trio' necklace hold a deep symbolic significance that can be interpreted in various meaningful ways. Just like the versatility of the necklace itself, these three hoops can represent different aspects of life and relationships.

The three hoops may symbolise the bond between individuals, such as close friends, family members, or siblings. Each hoop could represent a unique personality or role within a group.

Another interpretation could be that each hoop signifies a significant milestone or chapter in one's life. The smallest hoop might symbolise a person's childhood, the middle hoop their journey through adulthood, and the largest hoop their future aspirations and dreams. This necklace becomes a personal reflection of one's life journey and growth.

The three varied-sized hoops can also signify the beauty of diversity and unity. Just as people with different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives can come together to create something harmonious, the hoops demonstrate that diversity can be a source of strength and beauty when interconnected.

Ultimately, the symbolism behind the 'Trio' necklace is open to interpretation and can hold unique meaning for each wearer. It serves as a beautiful reminder of the connections, milestones, or diversity that enrich our lives and make us who we are.

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