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Belcher | Venus

Belcher | Venus

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  • One Necklace
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 18 inch Maxi Belcher Chain 
  • 35mm Silver Chevron Charm With Granulation

Introducing our "Venus" Necklace, a symbolic piece that pays homage to both celestial beauty and timeless elegance. The "V" in this design carries profound meaning, drawing inspiration from both the planet Venus and the symbolism it represents.

The "V" shape in the "Venus" Necklace is reminiscent of the astrological symbol for the planet Venus, named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In astrology, Venus represents love, sensuality, and the harmonious aspects of life.

The three dots at the tip of the V have a dual significance. They symbolise the celestial beauty of Venus and its presence as one of the brightest objects in the night sky, radiating love and allure. Additionally, the dots carry the idea of three celestial bodies – Earth, Venus, and the Sun – in alignment during rare and beautiful astronomical events like the transit of Venus.

Our "Venus" Necklace invites you to embrace the essence of love, beauty, and the celestial wonder that Venus embodies. It serves as a reminder of the elegance found in the cosmos and the harmony that can be found in the universe. 

Wearing the "Venus" Necklace is like adorning yourself with a symbol of love and the beauty that surrounds us in both the celestial and earthly realms. It is a piece that resonates with those who appreciate the allure of the stars and the everlasting power of love.

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