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Bracelet | Guardian

Bracelet | Guardian

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  • One Individual Bracelet
  • 925 Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)
  • Elongated Trace Chain (+1 Inch Extender)
  • 10mm & 15mm Feather Charm 

Introducing our 'Guardian' bracelet, with two Feather charms which carry the symbolism of connection and protection. It's a tribute to the presence of loved ones, whether in our memories or as guardians guiding us on life's journey.

In the centre of the trace chain bracelet lies two handcrafted feather charm, sculpted from jeweller's wax and cast in eco silver. Wearing a feather charm is a powerful reminder of the enduring bond with those we hold dear and a source of comfort, knowing they are never truly far away.

Let it be a symbol of comfort and protection, and wear it as a treasured token of the love that continues to surround you.

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