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Bracelet | Pole Star

Bracelet | Pole Star

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  • One Individual Bracelet
  • 925 Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)
  • Belcher Chain
  • 7 inch (+1 Inch Extender)
  • Handcrafted 10mm Pole Star Charm 

Introducing our 'Pole Star' bracelet, a piece that carries the celestial brilliance of the night sky right to your wrist. Symbolising a constant, dependable guide—a metaphor for finding one's true path in life, navigating through challenges, and always moving forward with unwavering purpose.

A charm in the form of the North Star, sculpted from jeweller's wax and cast in eco silver. This heavenly beacon has long been regarded as a symbol of guidance and constancy. It holds a unique position in the night sky, staying fixed and unwavering as other stars appear to rotate around it.

Suspended from a belcher chain bracelet, the 'Pole Star' bracelet is a reminder that, like the North Star, you possess an inner compass that can guide you through life's journeys.

Let it serve as a shining reminder that, no matter where you are, your inner light can illuminate your path and guide you toward your aspirations and dreams.

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