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Cuff Bangle | Reflect

Cuff Bangle | Reflect

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  • One Individual Cuff Bangle
  • 925 Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)
  • 5 x 16
  • 5 x 1.5mm D-Shaped Wire 
  • Planished Texture
  • Hallmarked at Sheffield Assay Office

Introducing our 'Reflect' cuff bangle, designed to capture the essence of radiance and elegance. This cuffs texture creates a dazzling disco ball-like finish that shimmers and sparkles as it catches the light.

The 'Reflect' cuff bangle undergoes a unique process, where a planishing hammer is used to create its distinctive texture. This intricate texture allows light to dance and bounce off the surface, resulting in a brilliant and captivating display of shimmer and sparkle. 

Designed in a cuff style, this bangle is made to fit most wrists with ease. To wear it, simply slip it over your wrist sideways, without manipulating the band in any way, as this could alter its shape. 

Let it adorn your wrist like a radiant disco ball, a constant reminder that you, too, can shine brilliantly and reflect the light within.

Our 'Reflect' Cuff, while beautifully crafted, possesses a delicate quality. We advise wearing and handling it with care, being mindful not to overmanipulate the metal. This subtle playability in the ring's design is intentional and adds to its unique character. However, excessive manipulation could potentially alter its shape.


The standard cuff size is 150mm, if you would like another size please email before ordering. 


Measure your wrist and minus 2cm.


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