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Midi Trace | Lunar

Midi Trace | Lunar

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  • One Individual Necklace
  • 925 Sterling Silver  (Eco Silver)
  • 30 Inch Elongated Trace Chain
  • Toggle + Bar Clasp
  • 25mm Crescent Moon Charm
  • Hallmarked at Sheffield Assay Office

Introducing our 'Lunar' Necklace, serving as a beautiful reminder of the moon's mystique and its connection to the natural world. The crescent moon charm represents change, simulating the lunar phases.

In the centre of the maxi trace chain lies a handcrafted crescent moon charm, sculpted from jeweller's wax and cast in eco silver. The charm can represent both the waning moon and waxing moon phases. This design choice allows you to choose your daily narrative, wearing the side that resonates with your mood or intention

The waxing moon - represents growth, progress and expansion. It's a time when the moon's illuminated portion is increasing, symbolising the gradual unfolding of potential and the pursuit of goals. It signifies new beginnings, making it an ideal time for starting projects, setting intentions, or embarking on a new journey.

The waning moon - signifies a time for release, reflection, and letting go. As the illuminated portion of the moon diminishes, it symbolises the shedding of unnecessary burdens or negative influences.The waning moon is associated with closure and endings, making it a suitable time for completing projects, resolving conflicts, or tying up loose ends. 

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