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Ring | Embrace

Ring | Embrace

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  • One Stacking Ring 
  • 925 Sterling Silver (Eco Silver)
  • 4mm Rectangular Wire
  • Organic Dimple Texture

Introducing our 'Embrace' Wrap Ring, thoughtfully designed to do just as its name suggests – it gently wraps around your finger or thumb. This design not only ensures a comfortable fit but also creates a captivating visual effect.

The organic texture adds depth and character, giving the ring an earthy and timeless quality. It is also a statement of our commitment to sustainable practices. Eco Silver, derived from recycled materials, reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact while creating beautiful jewellery.

Our 'Embrace' Ring, while beautifully crafted, possesses a delicate quality. We advise wearing and handling it with care, being mindful not to over-manipulate the metal. This subtle playability in the ring's design is intentional and adds to its unique character. However, excessive manipulation could potentially alter its shape.

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