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Ring | Yin + Yang

Ring | Yin + Yang

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  • One Stacking Ring 
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 2mm Round Wire
  • Adjustable Midi Band
  • 2 x Varied Length Bars, Texture 

Introducing our 'Yin Yang' Ring, a unique ring featuring two bars, each crafted to represent the dual forces of the universe. The 'Yin Yang' Ring beautifully captures the essence of harmony and balance in life.

On one end, you'll find a long bar adorned with a dimple texture, symbolising the Yin aspect. Yin represents the passive, feminine, and receptive energy in the Yin Yang philosophy. The dimples on this bar symbolise the complexity of life, the ups, and downs, the highs and lows, reminding us that even in the most intricate textures, there is a harmonious balance.

On the other end, a shorter bar stands tall, representing the Yang aspect. Yang embodies the active, masculine, and assertive energy. It's shorter length symbolises the simplicity and clarity of purpose, reminding us of the need for action and balance in our lives.

It serves as a reminder that, despite the apparent duality and opposition in the world, there is an inherent connection and interdependence between these forces. It's a visual representation of the idea that within darkness, there is light, and within light, there is darkness, and together, they form the whole.

Wear our 'Yin Yang' Ring to embrace the beauty of balance and to remind yourself of the profound wisdom that lies in the harmonious coexistence of opposing forces.

Our 'Yin Yang' Ring, while beautifully crafted, possesses a delicate quality. We advise wearing and handling it with care, being mindful not to over-manipulate the metal. This subtle playability in the ring's design is intentional and adds to its unique character. However, excessive manipulation could potentially alter its shape.

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