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Studs | New Moon

Studs | New Moon

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  • One Set of Stud Earrings 
  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • Full Moon Shapes (Eco Silver)
  • Textured with Dimples
  • Butterfly Scroll Fastenings 

Introducing our 'New Moon' stud earrings, a homage to the subtle beauty and mystique of the lunar cycle. These earrings are a celestial treasure, handcrafted  from eco silver discs that have been artfully textured and expertly domed to perfectly represent the moon's ethereal presence.

Each 'New Moon' stud encapsulates the essence of the new moon phase, where the moon is veiled in darkness, yet holds the promise of renewal and new beginnings. The textured surface of the eco silver disc mirrors the moon's craters and imperfections, capturing the authentic lunar charm.

Wear our 'New Moon' stud earrings as a symbol of fresh starts and endless possibilities. 

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