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Wild One Jewellery

Studs | Sycamore

Studs | Sycamore

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  • 925 Sterling Silver
  • 8mm Sycamore Charms (Domed)
  • Butterfly Scroll Fastenings 

Presenting our captivating 'Sycamore' studs, crafted with a domed shape perfect for nature enthusiasts and free spirits alike. 

Sycamore leaf design, showcasing the beauty of nature's intricacies. Symbolising resilience, growth and connection to the earth. Its domed shape mirrors the natural curves of the wild, offering a sense of freedom and adventure to those who wear them.

Embrace the wild beauty of our 'Sycamore' studs and let them be a symbol of your love for nature. Wear them proudly and carry a piece of the wilderness with you wherever you go.

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